instangram-monicaMonica Manganelli DIRECTOR- CREATIVE DESIGNER: born in Parma (1977) is a scenographer-set/ stage designer, visual artist and vfx-art director.  She spent her early career to work as Set/Stage Designer and Concept/Visual Artist for many productions since 2001 to 2011 in the Lyric Opera House in Italy and Europe: Theatre Marijnski- St. Petersburg, Theatre Regio Turin, Theatre la Fenice – Venice , Theatre Comunale Bologna, Operà Royal de Wallonie, Theatre Comunale Piacenza, Rome Opera House, with Directors Luca Ronconi, Davide Livermore, Walter Le Moli, Rosetta Cucchi, Alfonso Antoniozzi. Then she moved to work into Movie Production and begin to collaborate on different projects (commercial spot, movies, animation short) for creating virtual set design and look, where she put together both vfx and art departmental skills. One of her past important work for a production movie has been Cloud Atlas by Wachowski Brothers at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin. She signed at the Beijing Music Festival (2013) the Virtual multimedia Set Design on some Lyric Opera for the Verdi’s Festival celebration ( Traviata, Rigoletto, Trovatore and Opening Ceremony).She also collaborated as Scenographer for fashion show (Paris, New York, Milan, 2012-2013)  with Villa Eugenie (Bruxelles) and Sivestrin (Milan) . Credits: Dior, Y3, Condenast-Vogue, Borbonese, Meissen. Last year she collaborated with Event Creative Director Marco Balich and his creative team for event show like OPERA ON ICE at the Arena of Verona. Now she is focusing on projects regarding creative and artistic direction in cinema, lyric opera house and fashion & event show. She sign as director her first short animation movie: The BALLAD of HOMELESS ( La Ballata dei SenzaTetto – 2015) with the co-production of EmiliaRomagna Film Commission and her first documentary mixed animation WHEN THE DREAM COME TRUE: FONTANA SISTERS (– 2016) . Also she is preparing the scenography-stage design for 3 Lyric Opera for the next season 2015-2016:  Roberto Devereux, Anna Bolena, Maria Stuarda by G. Donizetti.

Then I’m so proud to show you my  incredible DREAM team wich is working close to me since the beginning of the project.

1914631_103137253061999_634318_nStefano Stefani – VFX SUPERVISOR & MOTION GRAPHIC ARTIST.

Stefano is a talented motion graphic artist, He spent last years to work within most important commercial and video production on different vfx and creative studios in Europe (EDI, Artea Film, VideoZone).  He’s one of the most talented guys i met during my past job on different vfx studios, since then he has become a precious collaborator . Whenever we worked together he was an real enrichment for the job and for the whole team. Addicted to work, extremely ambitious for best results and always finding solutions and the right way for the fitting workaround. In recent years, his visual research is focusing on the study of digital scenography and videomapping for creating new emotional visual experience. Great man. Portolio:

15b979eChiara Feriani – VFX SUPERVISOR & 3D ARTIST.

Chiara is a film-maker and vfx artist with many years of experience in the field of visual effects.
She has worked in all the most famous Italian films of the past few years close  to important director (Il capitale Umano, La prima cosa bella etc) . She has a great sense of  aesthetics and is a real expert and knower of  movie production world .
The last few years has focused on developing his enormous talent as director and has directed innovative music video, for example SYCAMORE AGE – HEAVY BRANCHES, 2Pigeons – Hard Warking Space, Capovilla – Come ti vorrei.


Andrea is one of the best people I have met during my last years in vfx  work experience common. He’ve been working in VFX industry since 20 years.
He started as 3d generalist in 1999 and for a couple of years he covered all the aspects of 3d discipline such as modeling, animating, texturing and lighting.
He’s  specialized in digital compositing, working both in commercials and 20 feature films in most important vfx studios in Europe. He have experience as VFX supervisor and  as set Supervisor for digital effects.
He is also Member of the VES Visual Effects Society.

1122307.54481a6f9b26dTAX FREE FILM by FRANCO TASSI

I’m so proud to show you an incredible creative team: TAX FREE FILM (Laboratorio di estetica digitale) from Parma (Italy).

 I am fortunate to know Franco and sometimes we have worked together. Franco has worked as an art director in the ’90 years close masters as Emanuela Pirella, Pasquale Barbella and Gavino Sanna. Since 2005 founded TAX FREE and has created a close-knit team whit great CGI artist. They created this touching and  so perfect spot-film for OMEGA last year. A great success with more than one million views.
In fact Tax Free is either a Production Company, or a Creative Boutique, totally digital, but still with a handmade and artistic approach in realizing its projects.
Franco Tassi, Digital Director and Art Director, with past experience in the major Italian Adv Agencies, leads a team of animators, character and graphic designers, digital artists, illustrators, carvers, editors; all together to bring new realities to life. Our passion is telling digital stories, with their characters and their worlds.
They mix live-action footage, graphics, real materials, 3D CGI, to create the largest range of media contents: Tv commercials, Video Art, Virals, Cartoons.
They can handle any step of a media production, with our network of photographers, musicians, sound designers, dubbers.
They reached the state of the arts in CGI cars, replicating with perfect realism the most important models from FIAT, Lancia, Citroën and Peugeot.
Several works as Parmareggio, Lete, Daikin and That’s Amore Findus, show their skill and fun in Character Designing and in fantastic worlds creation. They are based in Parma, Italy; but they are anywhere there’s an idea to bring to life.
1Massimo Moretti | Composer
Massimo Moretti was born in Imperia 1971 and is an Italian composer, He studied piano, composition, band instrumentation and film music.
Meeting the Maestro Luchino Belmonti was most certainly a turning point in his musical career. Thanks to this great composer he was able to master the fundamentals of orchestration, as well as have the opportunity to learn and study the “Music theory of the integral scale” devised by Maestro Belmonti himself.
After having absorbed the teachings of Maestro Belmonti he decided to leave Imperia to continue his studies at the Conservatoire of Turin and later at the Conservatoire of Parma. In this period, he attended composition classes held by Maestro Emilio Ghezzi, score reading classes held by Maestro Leandro Bonelli, band instrumentation with Maestro Andrea Saba, Film Music with Maestro Riccardo Moretti and finally, Complementary Organ with Maestro Paolo Oppici.
In 1996 he took part in a Master Class held by Maestro Gyorgy Ligeti .
His innate predisposition towards composing music for moving images gave him the opportunity to distinguish himself in the Course of Experimental Film Music held at the Conservatoire of Parma (which at the time was the first of its kind in Italy). This course gave him the possibility of gaining experience in composing music for piano, chamber ensemble and orchestra, in order to accompany the moving images of films during a live performance, a typical practice of the 1920s.
In 1997, the Ultrapadum Festival commissioned the Conservatoire of Parma an original soundtrack to be performed during the screening of the film “The Son of the sheikh” by George Fitzmaurice (the last film in which Rudolph Valentino starred in 1926). The Conservatoire entrusted the work to Massimo who together with his ensemble, performed a 60-minute score.
During his conservatoire years, he wrote a series of works for Concerts, Documentaries, Corporate videos and Cinema.
As a composer and orchestrator he has collaborated with Italian and foreign orchestras (Philharmonic Orchestra of Sanremo, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Amadeus Orchestra, Soloists of Parma, Archaeus Ensemble, Orchestra of the Chi- Mei Fine Arts Foundation of Taiwan, Orchestra of the Busseto Music Festival).
His music has been broadcast by many international TV networks including RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, Canale 5, RETE 4, ITALY 1, RAI INTERNATIONAL, RAI SAT, FRANCE TV, SKY etc.).
In the past, he was also a member of the Artistic Direction of the Festival of the Maritime Alps (Italy).
In 2007, he founded MAXMOREMUSIC Original Soundtracks.
Since 2009, he has composed music for the advertising industry working with some of the top advertising agencies and production companies. Among the brands for which he composes original music worthy of mention are Omega, Rado Watch, Sector, Fiat, Volvo, Pinko, Benetton, Sisley, Sector, Pirelli, Parmacotto, Einaudi, Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Chiesi etc.
Massimo Moretti over the years has developed a personal poetry that can be clearly perceived when listening to his concert music, as well as the music he has composed for many advertisements.
This constant research of what he calls ‘sonorous habitat’ has most certainly been influenced by great Maestros such as Luchino Belmonti and Philip Glass. This musical awareness, filtered through his sensitivity, has enabled him to achieve great creative serenity that has led him to release all the music that has been playing in his mind for years.
Massimo Moretti has always been very protective of its music. In fact, it’s very rare to come across any of his music.
Only recently, encouraged by co-workers and friends, did he decide that maybe it was time to open up to the world.
He recently completed a piano works commissioned by his great friend, the pianist and conductor Mattia Peli.
The title of the collection is “Flows” that includes 11 pieces for Piano Solo that reflect the stylistic evolution that he has gone through in recent years.
As well as numerous piano pieces, he has also composed chamber Music and orchestral works.



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